November 23rd, 2011

20111112, Marilee

Cold & Pain Walking

I've been mostly home with a lot of narcotics for an extended weekend. I went to get labs today, expecting to get groceries afterward, but I couldn't walk well enough out of the clinic. I left the bags & list in the van. When I got home, I had to sleep for three hours, but at least I don't have to be anywhere any time tomorrow. I just went out to get the rolling cart from the van. I plan to go ahead and take trash & recycling out, leave the cart set up in the back of the van, get groceries, and bring groceries inside in the cart. The grocery is open on Thursday, and I might actually go if I can't make it tomorrow/Wednesday, because there are a couple things on sale and that sale stops Thursday.

You see I have a new icon. A while back I was teasing Jay Lake because his icon looked a lot different than he does now, so I figured I should get a newer one myself. One of the guys at bookgroup is really good at photography and he did this with his phone.

I'm still having problems with the new credit union. A lot of billpaying things that worked fine with the FCU for which I'd been a member for a long time are just not the same with the new one. They're not getting a lot of stuff out on time, even though I have the pay dates five days before the actual date.