October 29th, 2011

20111112, Marilee

No Snow

We were supposed to have snow today, but our county was on the edge and just got rain. Tonight there's freeze.

The van got its wheel bearings repacked and the sound is gone. I got it back in time to get the mail, which had my check, and get the check deposited (plus some money to me, since I can't use the account until Tuesday) 3.5 hours before the credit union shut down. I ate at Olive Garden -- the sort-of fondue and then the pumpkin cheesecake. The cheesecake won't last long, so I may go again just for tea and that.

I thought I had the first three episodes of this season's "Inspector Lewis" on tape and the fourth on the DVR, The three on tape, though, were only one because I forgot to set the speed back to SLP when the power went off and the VCR reset some things. PBS isn't showing those again in any near time, so I looked for the season DVD. I was going to get that, when I saw I could get a 10-DVD set for all the episodes and it was a good deal. It would be good to be able to hold bits carefully so I can understand all the accents. I ordered last night, and PBS has it on the way today.

Here's a great LOLcat.
20111112, Marilee

Diving in the Wreck by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Rusch is using the Diving novellas from Asimov's to make books. This is the first one out so far.

The wreck isn't in water, it's in space, and diving is much more dangerous than it is on Earth. Boss runs into a Dignity Vessel that has stealth tech, she brings divers back, and loses two of them to the tech. Her time period has lost a lot of Earth technology so while they have some small stealth, they don't have anything like this. Later, she remembers that the Room of Lost Souls, where she was left when she was young (and her mother died), must have also been stealth tech from Earth. She took divers there and one of them died. It turns out that only some people -- the empire has found 13 of them -- have a genetic marker that lets them be in the stealth field without dying. She and her father both have the marker, but he's on the side of the empire. She wants to get rid of all the stealth tech.

I not only really like this, I'm two nights into the next book: City of Ruins. You should really try these.

Kris has a lot of other great books, too, in many other genres, have a look.