October 27th, 2011

20111112, Marilee

Less Pain in the Fingers

Less pain, but I'm still way behind in so many things that I think I'll have to still skip reading my flist for a bit. Again, I'm doing mostly things that don't hurt too much.

I took the van up to the shop yesterday and told them I was hearing an odd noise I thought was from the front left wheel and asked them to look at it as well as doing the yearly check. I wondered late this afternoon why they hadn't called me to tell me about how much it would be and what I would approve, so I pulled my phone out and it said No Service. I knew I'd paid, I even went to the T-Mobile site to check, and then searched for an answer. A hierarchical answer's first step worked for me -- turn the phone all the way off and then all the way back on -- and since it didn't matter what the phone was, this must be T-Mobile. Anyway, I listened to the shop's voice mail and called back to tell them to continue -- the front wheel bearings needed packing, but they weren't hearing the sound. When I get the van back tomorrow, I hope 1) my check will be in my clusterbox, and 2) it will be before 6:30pm so I can deposit it.