September 16th, 2011

20111112, Marilee

I Spent Money for Clothes that Fit

After getting offline last night, I read part of the book for bookgroup tomorrow -- I'm not finishing it, besides the fact that I've never liked any of the author's books, I'm only at page 76 of 420 -- so I'm going to read newspapers tonight. Even if I had time to read it all tonight, Paul Kincaid doesn't like it much either (printed to take tomorrow) It was much colder today than expected, but I wore knit black pants and mock turtleneck and a large Chinese-style top. It's way too big; when I got home it went into a new bag to go to the thrift charity. I wish I could remember the name of the maker -- she made them all by hand. I could see what she had in smaller sizes.

I saw the nephrologist yesterday and he says I have to take the question on to the new primary doctor: Soosaiminickam, Seraphine. He also said the labs were good, which I already knew. It was the pharmacist who said I could check this with him, and now I'll ask the new primary on Monday. The pharmacist is calling people on 80mg of Zocor to tell them they have to change to another statin, which is brand name. I'm already deep into the donut hole and I'd really rather not increase that, plus, I was still in the 400s when I was just on the official statin. My then-primary had me start on fish oil capsules and when I got to three capsules (1200mg per capsule) a day, my entire lipid panel got better than in the best numbers. I've been trying to get them to let me test using just the fish oil, since that's what fixed it before. So now I have to tell the new primary (and find out how to say that name).

I left a message with the mobile vet that we had before this last one; I hope she answers. Nothing's wrong, it's just time for annual visit.