September 11th, 2011

20111112, Marilee

A Trip to the ER

After my last post, I skimmed my flist (which was shorter than I expected -- I'm sort of hoping that again now), did the solitaire, and did some things around the house. At 1:06am, when I was almost in bed, I took my BP and it was 83/44 and then 84/43. I thought about whether I should call the Advice nurse or not, because they would almost certainly send me to the ER. On the other hand, I think that's considered too low a blood pressure. I called her and got dressed before I called EMT. They and the hospital staff were very nice, but they clearly thought something was wrong with the BP monitor. I've checked it several times with the electronic and manual BPs at the clinic, so I don't think it's that. All the later BPs were my normal. The diagnosis was "worried well" and my EKG was abnormal but exactly like the one on 3/1/09, when they couldn't diagnose my stroke. I called a cab to bring me home and then realized I needed to eat and have the rehydration fluid, which I did.

I sent email to the new primary doctor to tell her what happened, the labs (they're for a specialist), and asked her to let me know if I should do something. The nurse woke me up Friday morning and asked me if I thought I was okay and I told her yes. I didn't try to read when I got home -- I'd been up 26 hours -- so I slept at 7am and got up today at 5:30am. I can't really make up for that food and rehydration, but have had both today, including using a coupon at Ruby Tuesday.

I brought in the mail and went through that -- Oriental Trading is all Halloween, amazing what people want for that -- and then moved over here. I'd planned to get to this post earlier, but Charlie's blog has expanded more than usual over two days. I still have a lot of pain and have been using narcotics in a schedule that let me go out to lunch.

We have one of those local "newspapers" where there's a tiny article and then a large ad and one of the articles was about the county fair where the Republicans had a booth (and not the Democrats, because that would be worthless here), the Gideons gave bibles away, and an on-site ice cream maker uses a 1920s auto engine to churn the ice cream.

Our local airport (largest regional airport in VA) gave the local economy $234.6 million in the last year. That's pretty good.

The DC government gave $300,000 to a non-profit that said they'd use it to make a job-training place for people with HIV/AIDs, but it turns out they made a nude stripper club with it instead. The city is suing the non-profit.

An Oklahoma State Representative who also writes is getting a lot of anger because in her newest book, she says homosexuals are a bigger threat than terrorists.