September 8th, 2011

20111112, Marilee

Yet Another Note

After I got offline last night (having just skimmed my flist), I read a lot of papers, and am up to the 30th. I went to bed to read at 3am and came back out to get the paper when I was ready to sleep, at 4am. I set the alarm to noon, but had to reset it to 1pm and it still took a lot of moving and thinking to get up.

I took the trash & recycling out and had my labs done (the needle part by someone who is substituting there and I have a nice bruise) and then stopped at a Mexican restaurant on the way home. A friend from bookgroup had recommended it, and it's right next to Popeye's, so I'd seen it for the 20 years I've lived here, but never been there. The handicapped spots are in a place where you have to walk a good bit to get to the curbcut and the stuff to walk on is like frosting -- lots of changes of height. I went in and he started taking me to a two-step portion of the restaurant and I said, "Oh, anything without steps?" (which were before the two-steps) and he sat me there. The menu was big, but it was essentially all combos -- one each of two somethings. I had a chile relleno and an enchilada, without beans but with rice (too much protein with beans). They were okay, but not as good as I've had other places.

But while I was eating, I had one of my "seizures" where I couldn't remember what everything on the table was. I only had to ask for the check and calculate the amount to put in, and those were okay. I had trouble walking to the van and had to hold on to the pillars holding the roof over the sidewalk. Driving home was okay, but there were people behind me who thought I was driving too slowly. I got the mail, which was mostly catalogs, plus a book and three bills, and sat in the recliner for a while going through them. I went to bed very sleepy at 4pm, not even putting my clothes in the hamper, I just made a pile at the side of the bed, and slept until 1am. I was thinking if I should get up for a bit or just go back to sleep and I decided to get up, at which point I noticed the alarm said 2:45am. I must have done some of both.

I'm going to eat and have the rehydration fluid while I read the front pages of Wednesday's paper because then I'll do today's paper, and maybe read the 31st before I go to bed again.

I've been fine since I got up (about an hour ago), so I think the seizure dregs are gone.
20111112, Marilee

Still Up

When I finished the last post, I got the nutrition I needed, read the 31st paper, did a lot of little things around the house, and now have gotten here from catching up on the things I usually read before this.

We're having a lot of flooding now and one of the NBC channel's reporters was showing how the water was up to three feet in an area with a lot of fast food places. The anchor said he hoped nobody would buy Kentucky Flooded Chicken.

My labs were really good. My BUN is exactly on the top of the range and the creatinine isn't much higher. That brings me back up into Stage 3, not quite the middle of it where I was for years before the stroke, but close.

I moved the litter from Spirit's box into the big kitties' box; I'll have to wash it tomorrow. Yesterday afternoon, before I went to bed, I set the VCR to watch the "America's Got Talent" semi-final results. They had "Il Divo" perform midway through and I was getting ready to fast-forward through it until I noticed that Loki, sitting on the crenellations, had looked up sharply and listened to them all the way through. It's true, we don't get many male voices here, but I was still surprised.

The rain today was deep enough next to my porch that it almost ran over. I tried with the top of a broom again, but the mulch is too deep. The purpose of that tube under my porch is to move that water to the steps between my building and the next (although there was an amazing amount of water going down the steps on their own today) but the mulch has to be cleaned. I emailed our management again and he said he'd be over tomorrow to look. He knows I call it a porch, so I think he's been reading here.

I'm getting sleepy, but I'll try to stay up a bit longer. I've been off my flist for about four days, so this will definitely be mostly skimming.