September 1st, 2011

20111112, Marilee

Inside Again

When I got offline last night, I finished the 8/21 paper and went to bed to read at 4:45am. I read until 7am and set the alarm for 2pm. Then I woke up at 4:30pm. I vacuumed the living room, which has an amazing amount of cat fur and carpet bits from the castle, have gotten halfway through the sheets (the past sheets need to go in the dryer) but I didn't get the first corner of the fitted sheet to hold so I came back to rest a bit. I went and sat in the recliner at 10pm to watch an ABC show about transgender teens/kids. Every parent was angry and upset. It makes me wonder if they should get psych before things really get going. They showed a 19-year-old who went to Mexico to get silicone breasts, because it was cheaper there. Just the look of the "OR" would have kept me away.

A book called The Leftovers, a post-rapture thing has this cover:

Somehow it reminds me of somebody's icon...

Another book reviewed in the WashPost was Supergods by Grant Morrison. Apparently Morrison has done a lot of hero, mutant, etc. comics, books and such, but the reviewer thinks a lot of the book isn't about those, but about Morrison's chauvinism and egoism.

An article from the WashPost about rare reptiles, with lovely pictures.
20111112, Marilee

Irene Brings Memories of Mother

This is a completely different form and I don't like it.

The news is always showing people who don't have power and they're all whining, angry, and vicious (one tried to kill a guy he didn't know with a live wire). But my mother, who was a master teacher and loved fifth graders, always made things fun. On the way to Guam, our Tiger started losing parts so we landed on Midway and slept on cots in a hanger for a few days while it was repaired. Many of the other women & kids (my father was the only man there, and he was just there because smallpox didn't take on me, so he couldn't leave with the other guys) were just as upset as these people now, but Mother made games for us and we laughed and had a lot of fun.

After Typhoon Karen left Guam a bit smacked down, we didn't have water for a week or power for a couple of months. Again, we did a lot of things we liked, all because Mother helped us with them. And then coming home on a troop ship, we still had lots of fun -- a lot of word puzzles -- and we got kids crowded around Mother to participate.

I was online forever last night and got all the bed linen washed. I got off at 6:30am and read part of 8/23's paper and went to bed at 8am. I had a coupon from On the Border that ended today, plus Peapod delivering. I checked online and Peapod would come between 7:30pm and 9:30pm, and I was trying to think if I should try to go to sleep and get up without enough time, go eat, then come back; or if I should go then, because I read until 11am. I ended up doing neither -- I set the alarm for 6:30pm and got up then. While I was dressing, sitting at the middle of the bed, Junie stole Loki's ball and then came to sit next to me. Loki jumped up and they had a snarzel. I smacked each on the head and said "Hey, stop that" and Loki jumped off. Junie kept growling and then fell backward off the end of the bed with her claws still in the cat blankie. I got them out for her and they both went in opposite directions for a while.

I'd planned to vacuum in the computer room, particularly around the computer with the wand thing, but started hurting too much. I've read the rest of the 8/23 paper and the Peapod delivery guy came at 8:30pm. He wasn't very wise at loading the bags. He did get the cold things all together, but I had coupons and they had the Pepperidge Farm cookies on sale, so he had one in a bag by itself and one each of the other two were in bags with four 64oz cranberry juice bottles. They're a little smushed.

I plan to get to sleep earlier tonight because I still have the trash & recycling to take out. We'll see.

From Soon Lee: Where's Wall-E?
20111112, Marilee

Asimov's September 2011

Williams covers the Readers Rewards and also quotes what some people (Soon Lee) said on their ballots. Silverberg presents a strange method of emperor succession.

The piece I really liked was "The Observation Post" by Allen M. Steele -- back in the Cuba War period, a blimp was headed into a storm and found a small island with a mooring tower. Our protagonist did some bad things, but never got into trouble. Then, when he was elderly and very sick, something strange happened.

I also liked:

"Grandma Said" by R. Neube -- pretty much everybody is dying of three forms of plague, but there's one form that makes you survive all the others. Our protagonist is a cleanser -- after people die, he cleans up.

"Stalker" by Robert Reed -- you may need someone to sit by you when you read this, it's violent and predicts AI behavior.

"Stone Roach," a poem by Fiona Moore -- she follows the history and future of the roach.