August 26th, 2011

20111112, Marilee

Even More Rearrangement

I'd planned to go to bed very soon after solitaire, but I played one of the games for two hours and didn't win. I eventually talked myself to signing off, but by then it was 5am. I brought Thursday's paper in and read the front page of each section, then I read Tuesday's and Wednesday's papers of last week. I'm still more than a week behind. I got to bed at 7am and decided to try reading the book, but that was it. I stopped at 8am, very sleepy, and set the alarm to 1pm. That turned out to not be enough so I slept until 4:30pm.

I took the trash & recycling out, returned the book to the library, and had dinner at Marlin & Ray's. I got there at 7:30pm and it was so crowded that the hostess was serving me for a while. She and my server remembered who I was (after three times) and I warned them both about preparing for the hurricane. When people cleared out, I checked my phone and it was 8pm, so I'll come then the next time I come late like that. I was thinking I'd just stay up late, but again, I'm really sleepy. I'm only going to let myself play each required game 10 times and not play any of the non-required games. Then I'll work with Spirit and head to bed to start SF.

Before I left for errands today, I put a towel over my top, pulled Spirit out of her bed, and started giving her bits of wet food down her throat by pulling her head back. She dropped a bit out and I accidentally put the pill bottle top next to her mouth and she leaned out and licked while purring! I did that again when I got home from eating, and will do it again before I go to bed. It's only a bit more than a teaspoon, but I hope that will increase.
20111112, Marilee

Unnatural Selection by Mara Hvistendahl

The entire title is: Unnatural Selection: Choosing Boys Over Girls, and the Consequences of a World Full of Men.

I only got about a fifth through. Her writing is a bit cold and dull, and has been plumped out for more pages. There's 269 pages of text, long prologue and long epilogue, and Notes and Index at about 50 pages. I think it would have been very good at about 75 pages of text and then just have about 50 pages of references.

Her point is that she's found a lot of demographers who are finding that we will have more boys than girls in the world very soon. Imagine what happens then -- bride selling, brothels, etc. -- because there won't be enough girls for each boy to have one. Almost all countries have people trying to have boys because they're more important. They do that usually by sex-selection via ultrasound. The US has caused this by developing the ultrasound.

The US has the opposite -- we have more girls because we like pink and princess parties, etc.

What she's reporting is contained in the first couple chapters; I skimmed through the others. She's just adding more of the same from different places in the rest of the book.

And, this is a publisher I hadn't seen before, PublicAffairs Books and they have "good books about things that matter." But they didn't watch what she was writing. She said that when a Chinese couple got a boy, the "right egg dropped into the uterus." Apparently she doesn't know that it's the sperm that brings the gender. And then she talked only about people in other countries using sex-selection because they've used fertility drugs. Well, a lot of women in the US do that, too. In fact, instead of just coming down to two, like happened for so many years, some doctors have become willing to bring the batch of fetuses down to one.

I get annoyed when I have to read the same data from so many demographers and parents, so I didn't finish it. Maybe you'd like it better.
20111112, Marilee

I Left Spirit at the ER Vet

Even though she was getting small amounts of solid food, she hadn't put out any stool, and she didn't use the litterbox at all since last night. I put her back in the small carrier with a handtowel and she cried and then I got the rolling cart out of the van and put the carrier in and she cried. She cried, very weakly, all the way to the ER Vet. I told the desk people that we'd been there before and although she wasn't sneezing anymore, she seemed worse.

The ER doc looked at her and came to talk to me. I told him that considering the chem 7 last week was fine, it might be a bowel obstruction or cancer and he agreed. I left her there for three reasons: 1) I'll save a bit more than $460 ($700 for coming from the ER but $240 for 24 hours at the ER vet) for the ultrasound if she comes from the ER to the next door somewhat-associated regular vet, 2) it may storm enough I would have trouble getting her back there (it's forecast to be after I would take her, but I don't want to chance it), and 3) I think it would bother her to come home and go back. When I got back, both Loki and Junie looked all over for Spirit and then Junie came to sit on my lap and Loki sat on the computer table and I petted them for a while.

When I got offline last night, I planned just to go read the September "Asimov's", but I did read one of the old papers first. I planned to finish the magazine at 6am, but it was 6:30am and I came out to see the news on the storm and went back to bed at 7am. The alarm was set for 2pm, but I didn't get up until 2:30pm, which is not that bad. I had to push wet food into Spirit's mouth again and came over to the computer. After I saw the postman go by, I went and got my mail which had my check, so I went on to deposit it, take out money, and get a small vanilla cone from Nathan's. I tried to get Spirit to come up again, but she was just limp in my hands, which is why I took her back. I made sure they knew I have a cellphone and it's always with me.

You know how I read the non-story parts of books/magazines first, well, I looked at the "Asimov's" ads and most were the same -- ads for self-published books; a buyer for books & magazines, but you can only contact him via PO box. There were two odd ones.


PLAY SPACESHIPS free MMORPG designed for intellectuals, not gamers.

It seems to me that a lot of geeks play games, and the website is very ugly.

Two: One of the self-published books is The Wit and Wisdom of Jack Vance by Miguel Lugo. Favorite quotes, passages and excerpts.

When you look at the link, there's a * at the end of the title and that goes to: *as experienced by Miguel Lugo.

I'm pretty sure that's still illegal.

I haven't read my flist in four days, so I will be skimming. Let me know if there's something I should read.