August 22nd, 2011

20111112, Marilee

Working With Spirit

After I was online last night, I read the first section of last week's Sunday paper and then went to bed at 3am to read the new book. That turned out to be bad, since I was so tired I kept having to re-read over and over. At 4:30am, I came out to get today's paper and tried to read the front pages of those sections, and while I was better at it than the book, I was still seeing a lot of fog. I ended up in bed at 6am and set the alarm for 2pm. When it went off, I set it for 3pm, but got up at 2:35pm.

I did the standard morning things and then headed out for groceries. Most of what I got -- both volume and price -- were litter and eye drops. I don't think I can afford to use the Restasis all the rest of the year, so I think I'll add these in. They just put drops in your eyes; Restasis actually changes your eyes to produce more tears.

I haven't seen any poop in Spirit's litterbox for about a week so when I got rested, I got half a can of their wet food, put it in one of the Tupperware tumblers (has a lid that also goes with the little ones I use for meat portions in the freezer), added water, and whisked it. I drew it up with a pipette and got 10ml into her. She wasn't happy, but she didn't hurt me. I just gave her 20ml, and again, she was annoyed, but swallowed almost all. I hope this works and I can increase the amount of food.

Remember that I ordered seven cat ball toys from Petsmart on Thursday? The box arrived today and I started with ones that are just like the iridescent balls that are hiding under things, but bigger. Junie tried to aim it under the workroom door, but it just stopped and bumped. Junie went and tried to push it a bit and it didn't go in; she brought it back to me. These, like the little ones, do smush, so she could put it under if she really pushed. So, the odd thing is that these are all cat toys and in the box was a little bag of dog treats and a coupon for it attached. Hmmmm.

Loki just jumped from the top platform on the castle to the seat of my recliner! Fortunately, I won't be there for a while.