July 22nd, 2011

20111112, Marilee

Heat Index 113F

I was wondering why the TV weather guy kept saying Manassas with the random places and then I remembered that we're going to have thousands of people here for the sesquicentennial starting tomorrow through Monday. He expects us to be hotter tomorrow through Monday and then maybe Tuesday will be in the high 80's. Weather.com and WashPost both expect all 90s or 100s (plus the heat indexes) will be like that until Tuesday, and then it's just 90s. We have excessive heat warnings through Saturday night as well as Code Red for both days, primarily ozone. The UV is dangerously high for the next two days. And we've got thousands of people in town. I hear the city has already asked for rescue squads and fire engines from local areas since we will almost certainly need more than we have.

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20111112, Marilee

9:30pm Before Exiting

I read two-thirds of Sunday's paper and still have to read the other third plus the papers from Monday through Friday. I was able to read better and read 30 pages in an hour (slight stops to throw balls) and went to sleep at 7am. I didn't set the alarm but figured I'd get up at 3pm. I was awake then, but went back to sleep until 5pm.

I read a bit more of the Sunday paper and then when I came over here, I set up NBC, WashPost, and Weather.com so I could see when I could go out, which turned out to be 9:30pm. I decided I wanted Popeye's chicken and could get the mail on the way back in. However, it was 90 minutes before Popeye's closed, and they were completely out of chicken. They were making the non-spicy then, but I really didn't want to wait. I got some at KFC. I don't like theirs as much because they don't come spicy.

Part of my mail was June's EOB. I said early in June that I'd gotten to the donut hole, and I'm about a quarter way through that. The EOB showed, instead of me paying everything, like it used to be, Kaiser and Medicare's Gap policy paid some. It's still going to be expensive until the end of the year, though, because I don't think I'll get to Catastrophic Coverage before the end of the year.

The area had new highs, both for regular temperatures and heat indexes, but two of the three sites say Tuesday and Wednesday might be under 90F, then going back up.