July 21st, 2011

20111112, Marilee

Accidental Hairstyle

The computer TV show I planned to watch was not on the computer yet, but I did read Friday's paper. Then I acquired Wednesday's paper, so I'm still at five un-read papers. About 7am, I finished getting the trash & recycling together and went out to put it in the right places. I went by the ATM, which didn't give me a receipt, and then on to the post office.

Remember the broken claw clip with the mother of pearl flowers? Well, one of the other companies that sent me a claw also sent a Caravan flyer. It turns out the MOP claw is also a Caravan, so I emailed the folks on the flyer and said I'd had a lot of trouble getting it intact from Amazon, and could they get it here intact? It turns out they supply Amazon with those clips and were surprised Amazon didn't package them properly. He had me send them so they can fix them. While I was dropping the box in the inside holder, another woman said "I love your hair!" and I said, "Oh, thanks!" I couldn't figure out what she meant until I was back in the van and looked in the mirror. My left shoulder is hurting a lot again recently, so instead of braiding the hair and then clipping it up, I just twirled it and clipped it. Both have the curls coming off the top of my head, but a twirl doesn't hold as tightly as a braid, so I had a curl coming down on my shoulder. I couldn't find a picture like that, but it was common years ago -- put your hair up and then pull a curl down on one side or both.

I went on to McDonald's where there were batches of house sparrows and a black-headed chickadee. They were almost as noisy as the trucks going by on the highway.

I picked up Monday's & Tuesday's mail, and the box was crammed. I sat down a bit when I got home and went through the ones that didn't go into the mixed-paper recycling basket. I went to bed about 11am and was too sleepy to read. I did give the big cats sparkle balls and Junie kept giving me her green one so I could throw it and I eventually put it in the box. When the alarm went off at 4:30pm, I came out to at least set the machine to record the news and I did go back to bed, finding Loki's ball on the bed. Junie probably put it there so I'd throw it, but it went back into the box. I woke up at 7pm when Loki thought it was breakfast time.

I got us all set up for an 8pm morning and then got online. I had a good roast beef sandwich -- the grocery's rare thin-cut roast beef, and potato bread with just a smear of mayo -- and have been online since. I figure when I get off, I'll try to read at least one paper before I go to bed, since I'm already stacked up.

One of the catalogs today was on cross-stitch, which I haven't done since I found out about current beads in the middle '90s, and I can see they haven't heard of me: Marrile Laman.

Another was the current Sciplus catalog and I cut enough ads out for a $30 order. What I do, since I buy things I'll never use from them, is put the cut-out bits here on the desk and go through them every day and I usually get down to about half the amount I cut out.