July 18th, 2011

20111112, Marilee

Early Up Again

I watched two shows on computer TV and read Thursday's paper, leaving me Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday's papers. I'd planned to go to bed at 10pm so I could read until midnight and get up at 8am. I ended up going to bed at midnight, reading until 1am (very sleepy) and got up at 9:30am.

I got groceries, lifting two heavy bags from the cart to the van. I pulled a chair over after I put the cart in the kitchen and put the contents of the bags up on the counters and then worked from there. I started talking to the cats, but not being able to put words in the right order and not knowing exactly what I meant. I went to bed for 2.5 hours and felt much better.

One of the sparkle balls that came from under the bed was 1" -- I got two different packages of those when I got the smaller one -- and they can't go under the secretary, chest of drawers, workroom door, or hallway closet door. That does leave the couch and the bottom of the bed, but that's less to work on. I think I'll buy some more of these at Sunshine Crafts -- item #: SP-FC-15821-59 and CB-FC-15791-59 . Now, these are slightly bigger and I may get some of those, too.

Something odd happened as I was leaving bookgroup on Saturday: As I was opening the van door to put the tote bag in, someone yelled "Hi!" and I looked, but didn't know him, and assumed he meant someone else. Then while I was sitting in the back of the van folding up the cart, he appeared in front of me and asked me what my license plate meant. He was clearly mentally disabled, but I started at the top and told him to say it like a word. He got that, but not what it was. I told him to say them two at a time and he did that, but didn't get it (lots of other people don't, either) so I told him it was my initials. He said that he thought maybe I was paganist and I said "No, I'm an atheist" and he disappeared. Later at dinner, when I mentioned this to the folks at my end of the table, the librarian told me he's at the library a lot and very nice. And he was certainly smart in one way -- he had a bright yellow vest and a helmet to wear on his bicycle.