July 15th, 2011

20111112, Marilee

Nice Weather!

I went to the Lowe's last night before I got offline, picked up my glue, and when I came back, finished online. I watched a computer TV show, and found out that three others didn't have the new episodes yet. I'm going to need a chart for this. Then I read Monday and Tuesday's papers and got to bed at 4:30am. I figured I'd stop and sleep at 6am and set the alarm for 2pm, but I was so sleepy that I went to sleep at 5am. I woke up at 7am and read until 8am and then slept until almost 4pm.

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20111112, Marilee

Too Much Book Left

I got offline late and only read half of Wednesday's paper, then I went to bed at 4am. I read until 6am, still not managing to get as far as I needed to be because my eyes kept unfocusing, but set the alarm for 3pm. I woke up and thought for about 30 minutes and then got up.

I went out to PetSmart to get new dry food for the cats, and I hoped more pill pockets for Junie's meds. They only had dog pill pockets so I'll have to order from their site. The Petco is not too far from there, but they're dark, dirty, and messy. When I got home, the big kitties were in the bedroom so I just left the cat food bag in the rolling cart in the foyer. Junie came out to eat at 7pm and then slept up on the crenellations without noticing. Then when I went to put down the shade on the sliding glass window (the castle is next to that so the cats can look out), she got down and I heard her starting to bite into the bag. She can get through both layers of heavy paper in less than a minute, and then eat an amazing amount, so I went to the foyer (she dashed when she saw me), and took the bag down to the guest bathroom and shut the door. I'll need the rolling cart for bookgroup tomorrow and then leave it in the van for groceries.

All three weather sites now say that tomorrow is the only 80s day left -- Sunday until next Friday will be in the 90s. I'd planned to get groceries on Sunday because it was supposed to be cooler, but since I would have to get up early (more likely, stay up early) for all the week now, I might as well do it on Monday, like I usually do.

I scheduled bills to be paid and am filing a lot of stuff on the table.

I skim the Sports section before I put it in the "read" pile and today an article tells us that a Redskins official said they took about 10,000 seats out because they couldn't get anybody to buy the tickets. Even the people who had been on the waiting list for years didn't want them now. It's partly because the Redskins have been at the bottom of the field, but also partly because who knows when they'll actually play, and you have to pay for the games that aren't played.