June 25th, 2011

20111112, Marilee

More Pain

I watched Suits on computer TV and I don't think I'll watch it again -- it has "cool-dude lawyers," too. I tried to watch Falling Skies online, but apparently they don't have it up yet. I read the paper and got to bed at 2:30am planning to read until 5am. I actually read until 5:30am, came out to get the paper, marked the TV Week, arranged both today and part of tomorrow's paper, and made the grocery list. I got to sleep at 8am. I was in lots of pain by midnight or so, and it continued after the regular narcotics stopped, so I took more and it just wore off. I still have a good bit of pain, but I think it's not as bad. I had the alarm set for 1pm, but when I took the second batch of narcotics, I just turned that off and woke up at 4:45pm.

I've had about three changes of how things are going to work with Tuesday being above 90F -- I was going to the grocery today, make the Peapod list tomorrow, and get labs on Monday. Well, I remembered that Kaiser will be closed on Monday. So I could just move the labs to Wednesday. No, I have the CT that day. Which means I can almost go back to my standard scheduling -- Peapod on Sunday, groceries on Monday, Imaging on Wednesday, and labs on Thursday.

When I reached under the end table to see how much dry food Spirit had, I touched a ganky wet hairballed mousie. I don't think she liked it anyway, so I gathered the wet dry food, and washed/dried the bed cover. She was happy with a clean bed.

Two explosives found in a Borders in Golden CO.

Info on nuts and seeds to help with your MyPlate. (Actually, they say 5.5 ounces a day, but I'm over my protein limit with 2 ounces.)