June 17th, 2011

20111112, Marilee

Lightning, Thunder, and Rain

Last night the thunder made Junie head for the safe place in my closet. Loki hid between the loveseat and that end table. Spirit just curled up tight in her bed. I had to stop reading every time we got a really big thunder. I did get the rest of Wednesday's paper and all of Thursday's paper read last night and to bed to read at 3:30am. I planned to read until 5am, but I just kept going to sleep and, while I left the alarm at 1pm, I slept at 4am. I did reset the alarm to 2pm because I needed to wake up a bit slower.

Otherwise, I've been online. I'm meeting lizzibabe at Noodles & Co. tonight for dinner, and will then come home and do more computer things, I think.

We have bookgroup tomorrow and the weathers have said it will be 90, but in the hourly list, there isn't any. Apparently there will definitely be 90s on Monday and further -- I'll have to leave a message for PT and get groceries on Sunday.

The rain just came down so hard I think it'd make me fall over, and then got less, and now is gone. The news showed pictures of the same hard rain at the golf thing this weekend.