June 5th, 2011

20111112, Marilee

Too Late

I was online late last night following some of my ideas and other ideas. After that, I read the paper and got to bed to read at 2am. I read until 5am and came out to bring the paper in. Right on the left bottom of the outside door jamb was an amazing batch of ants. It's outdoors, so I just sprayed them. That's one of the places ants come in, the other two are the kitchen window that's very close and the join of the sliding glass doors and the storage room.

I brought the paper in and went to bed, but woke up at 4:45pm without knowing how I turned the alarm off. I really have to figure that out. It's possible that I need a louder alarm because I sleep on my good ear about as often as on my bad ear. If that's happening, I should see the ENT and get another test.

I'm not going to wash sheets today since I did it so recently. I read the front pages of each section of the paper and am now over here.

Sarah Palin was wrong when she described Paul Revere and was wrong on many more things during a Fox interview.

I forgot to put these in on Friday:

White Men
- electrical fire in house
- cancer
- complication of major brain injury on June 2009
- cancer

Black Man
- emphysema

BTW, the page says you can send in an obituary, but only the staff writes them, so it looks like they decide which and edit them.

Those of you who knew Joel Rosenberg probably already know that he died this week. Joel always wore a leather vest. I'm going through my closet to pull things that are too big to wear and the next item was my black leather vest, and it fit. It made me think of Joel.

(There are some things that I can only wear at home, like the top I have on now where my elbows are almost at the arm join, and some that have to go to the charity thrift store.)