June 2nd, 2011

20111112, Marilee

Adapter Yes, Adapter No

Last night I put the adapter in and could only watch the TV. The splitter doesn't work with it, so there's only one thing I can use it for. I'm going to take it out and take it back. There are only five channels that I can't get without the adapter, and I can watch those on the computer or on DVDs at the end of the season.

After watching the news, I read the paper and got to bed at 3:30am. I read until 6am and got up at 3:30pm. I took the trash and recycling out and then went to the credit union to have them put the change through the machine and to swap flash drives in the safe deposit box. Well, the line was long enough that they had turned off the machine by the time I got to the front and she said to come "tomorrow morning." Yeah, right. But my friend lizzibabe works there and put the change in her vault to put in my account tomorrow and got my safe deposit box so I could swap the drives. She did have to let me out -- I'd been thinking they were open inside until 6pm, but it turns out that's 5pm and the drive-in is 6pm.

The WashPost reviewer hates Robopocalypse.

Mitt Romney formally announced he was running for president today. But on NBC's Today show, he said "I like the Twilight series."

The USDA no longer uses the Food Pyramid. Now, it's a plate.