May 30th, 2011

20111112, Marilee

Heat Index 102F

I learned a new solitaire game last night and then read the giant Sunday paper. I finished reading at 3:30am and went to bed to read. I read until 6:30am and then came out to get the paper and watch a bit of the early news (big deal accident when guy using cellphone crossed and ran into SUV coming the other direction -- he died, the other two were mildly hurt). Going to bed at 7am, I set the alarm for 1pm, but when I got there, I just turned it off and took some more acetaminophen, actually waking up at 4pm. Still no sheet washing today, I hurt a lot.

There's high heat indexes for today and tomorrow, and Wednesday's heat index will be near 100. Lots of people in, and watching, the Memorial Day Parade fainted (the bands wearing wool uniforms...) and were taken care of at ambulances or taken to the hospital. And those were well people. The PT secretary sounded surprised when I called and changed the appointment because I couldn't go out these days. Monday papers are small and still no TV to watch, so I plan to be in bed and done reading a lot earlier today.

Junie smacked Spirit again last night. Junie was sitting in my lap and I told Spirit that when she started coming up, and she stopped, but Junie jumped down and smacked her. I think she's trying to do things that Spirit does alone -- she's been coming over and sitting on my lap while I type, but she can't do that long because she puts her left feet on the keys and she's heavy to hold -- but when Spirit has been on my lap first, she is careful, but lets Junie on.

Four death notices with the disease yesterday (I'm looking only at the notices with pictures) -- two white men (complications to a hip fracture, glioblastoma) and two white women (pulmonary emboli with cancer, cancer).

An article on soldiers coming home and what's happened at home while they were gone. This makes me think of Laura Cantrell singing When The Roses Bloom Again.

A civilian government employee asks for burial in Arlington Cemetery for civilian government employees who die in war. Makes sense to me.

Want to read a novel where the review starts like this? Yes, the novel spouts all the usual left-of-center opinions fashionable among the literati, with a strong dash of feminism thrown in, but viewed strictly as a work of fiction it is almost wholly without redeeming qualities.