May 26th, 2011

20111112, Marilee

The Last Minute

Last night I watched Modern Family and then started watching a DVD. I stopped for the 11pm news and then finished the DVD. I read Tuesday's paper and got to bed to read at 2:30am. I read until 5am but was still sleepy when I got up to use the bathroom at 10:30am so I just turned the alarm off. I woke up at 2:15pm.

I started Wednesday's paper, and then booted up the computer. I got another email coupon from Ruby Tuesday's for 25% off until the 31st. I downloaded the desktop thing and used that to notice when we were at 89F. I went to look for the mail and my check was there so I drove as quickly as I could and still be legal to get to the credit union drive-in before 6pm (5:54pm, it turned out) and deposit the check. I went on to drop the DVD off at the post office and then to Red Hot and Blue for dinner. I was craving their potato salad and got the Value Meal #1 which has that, a pulled pork sandwich, and a drink.

I came home just as my upstairs neighbor did and I asked her if she worked or went to school and she said she worked at Bank of America. I told her they managed my mortgage. She clearly wanted to go upstairs so I didn't talk more.

I was reading this bottom paragraph when I couldn't read the words. I'm back from an hour in bed and am fine.

I didn't get the adapter done and I know I do need to put it in if I want the Weather Channel because Comcast now has a stable note on that saying I need the digital equipment. The thing is, they've had it up for two months and I've been able to get to every channel I like. Still, I'll plan on putting the adapter in tomorrow.
20111112, Marilee


This is pretty much just Jodie Foster running around an airplane for 90 minutes.

She and her husband are engineers for this model so she knows exactly where places are in the airplane that she and her daughter take home to the US along with the husband's casket in the hold. Foster sleeps and finds her daughter missing. The captain can't see that the daughter was ever on the plane and the air marshal takes charge of Foster. The captain has called the FBI to come to the place they'll land on the way and the air marshal says Foster is a terrorist.

We see that he has a bomb and the daughter tucked away, sedated, in part of the plane that can only be accessed by a trap door. Foster figures this out, gets out of her handcuffs, and when she gets her daughter, she sees the bomb material and has the remote. She takes her daughter into a different part of the airplane and then sets off the bomb.

All the crew and passengers were already outside, so they think that Foster is a terrorist. But then they see her coming out from the smoke holding her sleeping daughter and they realize she was right. We see her and the passengers in the terminal where the passengers are now saying how brave she is, and then the FBI takes her off in a car.

It wasn't bad, but the plot is pretty thin.