May 19th, 2011

20111112, Marilee

Still Avoiding the Book

Last night I watched TV and got partly through yesterday's paper. We had a really big lightning bolt with a giant thunderclap. I've never jumped from thunder before. But everything was fine -- TV, computer, washer, etc. -- until I went to bed to read. The light flickered and there was crackling coming from the inline switch I put into the line ages ago so I could turn it on and off from bed. I got the Ott light from the living room and used that to read until 6am and then came out so I could look up who had that kind of switch. It's at Lowe's, which is where I got a package from today. While I was online, I was so uninterested in reading the book that I played an hour of solitaire. I got back to bed at 7:30am and then decided to dress and sleep in the recliner because I might have to sign for the package -- this is all the stuff I need to have fixed.

Spirit and I slept from 9am to noon, but she kept waking me up, so I just went down to the bed and slept on top, fully-dressed, with the cat blankie pulled up on me. The package came at 2pm and I came out and brought it in and then went to bed the traditional way until 5pm.

I fed the cats their breakfast and read a section of yesterday's paper. I've decided that I should really try to finish the book and I can always catch up with the paper.

I forgot to post yesterday that the nephrologist's nurse called and told me I had to redo the labs either Friday or Saturday. Besides the fact that the only centers that are open on Saturday are at a distance from here, I have bookgroup. So I'll get stuck tomorrow and then get the switch from Lowe's, which is across the street from the center.