May 18th, 2011

20111112, Marilee

New Upstairs Neighbor

When I finished online last night, I planned to read part of Monday's paper, but I was nodding off like crazy. It was 6:45pm when I got to bed and I set the alarm for 7:45pm and that absolute hour of sleep really helped. I thought I might just stay up and watch Glee while the machine taped NCIS and then set the machine to watch The Good Wife while I went to bed. But I got more awake and watched NCIS before The Good Wife. I read all of Monday's paper and about 2/3 of Tuesday's paper when I started going to sleep again. I got to bed at 2:30am and read until 5am, setting the alarm to 1pm. I was actually up until 6am, but went immediately to sleep. I turned off the alarm and got up at 2:45pm.

I'm not going to finish this book for bookgroup on Saturday. I started early and would normally have no problem with the pages, but I read this in 1970 (my first SFBC book) and must not have minded the lectures so much. The leader/librarian/fan is having the same problem.

We had early thunderstorms but what made me wake up was the upstairs door being slammed (it's actually next to my door -- she has a small foyer and then stairs up). As I opened my eyes, Loki was in his regular place, but I didn't see Junie. Then I realized there was a Junie lump next to me. I lifted the duvet to say Hi, but she dashed out and off. When I sat up and started handing out her med and Loki's snackies, I couldn't find her. I looked in the safe carrier in my bedroom closet and she was on top, covered by the bottom of clothes. She was afraid of the thunderstorms. She liked getting her med in a pillpocket, but then went back to the closet.

When I was ready to take the trash & recycling out, I saw the door next to mine was open and I knocked and said "Hello!" The new neighbor -- a young woman -- and then her mom came down and I introduced myself, answered some questions, and then went on. The gutters that need clearing (I wrote our manager about that yesterday) is letting rain/water into her storage room. I didn't have a response from him, so I wrote again.

A new DC restaurant has a lot of murals that keep kids from coming in. For example, one is Bill Clinton as a centaur playing a sax and a girl like Monica on his back.