May 17th, 2011

20111112, Marilee

The Terror! The Terror!

When I was online last night, I remembered that I still had some Easter-colored M&Ms and got a handful out of the cupboard. Loki was sitting on the computer desk so I put one in front of him. He backed away, big eyes blinking and tongue licking nose. I completely forgot how scared he is of strange things. I watched the show I taped last night and read the paper.

I did some things around the house and went out to get money for the week and then groceries at 10:30am. I was back at 11:15am and went through the junk mail I'd picked up on the way in (plus three new books). Then I put the shades down and read from 12:30am to 3:30am in bed and set the alarm for 8:30pm so I could watch some shows. The sleeping was kind of intermittent but I figured I can get another nap if I need it. I've watched two shows and have Castle on tape and will watch it soon.

I have a batch of things I need done around the condo, including cleaning the dryer vent, so I've bought the parts I need for stuff and will hire Mr. Handyman when I have them ready. It's kind of expensive, but I think I can be ready with everything.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is waiving fire violations at plants.

A WashPost investigation of how much development money was wasted by HUD.
20111112, Marilee

Maybe Good Time

When I got up at 8:30pm last night I watched TV and read the paper and then read in the bed off and on until 9am. The only sleep I got was between 9am and noon. I got up and went to get labs and have been going through mail and paying bills. Remember how I said I had to put in an adapter for Comcast's moving to digital? And it didn't cost more? Well, what they didn't say was that the digital basic was $7/month more than the analog basic. Hmph. I still haven't put the adapter in, but I hope to stay up until midnight and then move back into my normal times.

I have the cat blankies in the laundry and will do kitchen towels next.