May 10th, 2011

20111112, Marilee

Better BUN

I watched TV and read the paper last night, going to bed at 2:30am. I read until 3:30am and got up when the alarm went off at 10am. I wrote more things on a sticky note and this time one of them was clear enough that I knew it was what I wrote before. I headed to the other end of the county for my PT check -- to see how well I'm doing the exercises I am doing and provide replacements for some I can't do -- and I turned out to have more rotation and strength in my left shoulder. I'm going back in three weeks to let her check again.

I stopped at Guapo's just around the corner from the Kaiser building and had a quarter chicken with yuca and small salad. It was very good -- the one locally has stairs. When I left for Kaiser, there was a paper folded into my door knocker and Verizon is coming to wire Fios into my storeroom on Thursday. I wonder if they'd planned to move stuff out and then back in. I can't do it, and I might have been able to get help if I had more time. I called the owner of the top condo and left a message. She called when I was at PT and she'd already unlocked that storeroom because there's nothing there. And they sold that condo in less than a month for the same amount that Fannie Mae said mine was worth, even though mine is about 216 sqft smaller and doesn't have stairs.

Remember the car crash I caused? I was worried about my new premium, but the six-month premium is $7.30 less than the earlier premium.

The BUN isn't as high as it was -- 47 came down to 34 -- but I'm still spilling a good amount of protein so I'm still at 26, in stage four.

The National Park Service is making a trail on the Anacostia River, but will be working on the other side of the river until the osprey babies are hatched from their nest on top of a crane, and can fly.