April 29th, 2011

20111112, Marilee

Four Birdies

I had several options last night but ended up watching the other movie I taped on Sunday, Godspell. I've seen it on stage a few times, but never the movie, which has a much larger area to work in. I think I like the plays better. I watched it around CSI and the late news, and then read the paper. I got to bed at 2:30am, read until 5am, had a few hot flashes waking me up, and turned the noon alarm to 1pm but then just turned it off and got up at 2:30pm.

I headed down to Bristow to get more Birdies and I went ahead and bought both the turquoise ones and two orange ones. I couldn't get the other colors back up because I was reaching above my head, hanging on to a waist-high shelf, to get the bottom of the cardboard supports.

I stopped at Lin's Chinese Bistro again; I'm always impressed by the wonderful decor and the great food. And the yellow mustard. There was two days-worth of mail on the way in, and one was the re-do of my March meds. We're almost to the end of the first third of the year and I'm more than halfway to the donut hole.

The country-wide storm killed 319; the worst since 1935.