April 23rd, 2011

20111112, Marilee

Sleep with Spirit

Last night I watched a DVD and then read the paper, going to bed at midnight. I finished the book at 2:30am and decided it was a good time to sleep. I kept waking up with the hot flashes, but actually got up at 1:30pm.

I fed the cats, marked the TV Week, made the grocery list and read the front of the pages of the paper, and was really sleepy again. I settled into the recliner with Spirit needing help under and out twice. I slept three hours until 7pm. The info on the effexor says it might make me drowsy, so that could be it. I haven't eaten since 4pm yesterday so I need to get food, too. Something frozen and microwavable, I think.

I forgot to post a couple things from this week: 1) When my friends were here putting the new desk chair together, Loki watched carefully and then sniffed and licked their fingers. He's never done that to people before. 2) Olive Garden has new chairs. They used to have upholstered, armed, castered chairs but now they're like school chairs -- all wood, no arms, no casters (which for me means I have to pull the table closer instead of the chair to the table). I wonder if they want people to eat and leave faster.

Finally, here's a Q&A on how the iPhones and Android phones are tracking you.
20111112, Marilee

Revengers Tragedy

This play, and almost all the words, were from Thomas Middleton's 1606 play. A much better description than Netflix's packet is:

From Denver Public Library site: Timeless themes of moral corruption and revenge are played out on a stage of gritty, punk futurism and anarchic violence.In a post-apocalyptic Liverpool of the future, a wronged man returns from a self-imposed exile to bring down those responsible for his wife's murder. Contains strong language, violence and sex.

The Netflix packet said it was a "futurist sci-fi drama" and it really wasn't SF. The latest thing in the movie was a cellphone of the type that needs to be holstered. I think what made them write "sci-fi" was the punk style. It's set in 2011, and we aren't quite that punk, but we aren't post-apocalyptic, either. There was a lot of blood, but really good acting. Christopher Eccleston is the protagonist, coming back to get revenge because the Duke killed his wife, and the revenge doesn't go quite how he expected.

I really liked this.
20111112, Marilee

33 Men.... by Jonathan Franklin

The entire title: 33 Men: Inside the Miraculous Survival and Dramatic Rescue of the Chilean Miners

The author gets a "Rescue Team" pass, which let him get close to what happened and he talked to some of the miners later. It was interesting, but like a newspaper article is interesting or a schoolbook is interesting. It's non-fiction, sure, but usually authors write so you feel what happens.

There are color pictures in the middle, which is great because they're frequently only black and white. There's a good map and graphic at the front of the book.

It was nice to know the order of things and when things happened, but when there were more falls, for example, I didn't feel anything about it.