April 5th, 2011

20111112, Marilee

Up Down Around

Early Monday morning, I did feel sleepy enough to turn the light off at 7am, but wasn't asleep at 8am, so I got up, watched the other two shows from Friday, showered, read the front pages of the sections of the paper, and then, on the way to the grocery, stopped at KFC to try one of the new $5 boxes. I got the drumstick/thigh with mashed potatoes, biscuit, and drink. It's about two dollars less than the Popeye's version, but didn't taste anywhere near as good.

While I ate, I parked looking at a piece of land across the road where they plan to build offices and residences. I think this is meant to be high-rise (for us -- the highest building in town is five stories) with the offices/stores on the bottom. Three diggers were working at different parts of it and there were a lot of sewer pipes around.

I went to the grocery and since I didn't have much on my list, I carried my bag to the van and left the cart in front of the store. I got Saturday's mail (which I've just looked at) and put it in the bag, too. I didn't bring the rolling cart in, so I'll have to get it today and fill it with the trash & recycling to take out tomorrow. There was nothing in the bag that needed cooling, so I put it on the counter, headed to the bedroom, and was asleep about 10 minutes later -- just about noon. I set the alarm to 8pm because I had somethings to watch at 10pm and needed to watch one in person. I read part of the paper during the news and then watched the two taped shows. I really like Castle.

I was again feeling pretty sleepy, so when I finished the paper and got to bed at 2am, I read until 4am and came back out to find something with 400 calories and 8gr of protein. A Steamfresh package worked well and just as I had it in a bowl, a smash of rain hit the kitchen window. I figured I'd turn on the TV to see the news, and indeed, we had big storm warnings. It passed by in about 15 minutes, though. The live picture of the Capitol with the lights on it showing the rain looking so angry was very neat. I was back in bed at 5am and still awake at 6am so I came out here to catch up. I hope to get labs done today.

Apparently cats are supposed to groom each other if they like each other. Well, none of my cats groom each other, but when I take care of Loki's proto-mats, he'll wash my hand.

Virginia is remaking the House districts because we have a lot more people than in 2000. However, most of those people are in one area and there are other areas where the population has gone down. So what do we do? Try to make sure each district is strongly majority of one party or the other. One suggestion was for a new district to be on the east coast of Virginia where the towns can only be reached by boat.

The Education Department has put out a 19-page guideline telling colleges how to handle sexual assault.

A tech upgrade for the Raptor Resource Project gives us video of baby eagles.

And for those who would like a longer, more complete review of Willis's Blackout/All Clear here's Andy Wheeler's version.
20111112, Marilee

Dragon's Kin by Anne McCaffrey and Todd McCaffrey

I realized recently that I'd been buying the Pern books by the son without reading the first one. A quick check showed me I had six of them and this is the first, with both mother and son writing. We're not having bookgroup next month because it would have been on Easter Saturday and most people are doing something else, so I figured this was a good time to see what I think about the books.

This one involves a mining hold, watch-weirs, a group of tweens, and dragons/dragonriders. It's a nice YA book, rather lyric, and with the standard bad, good, bad, good, etc. things going on.

Early this morning, I confidently started the next, Dragonsblood, just by the son. So far, it's plodding, heavy, and not very interesting. It also has a lot of homonyms, which usually means just a spellchecker was used. I'm going to read more tonight or whenever I get to that, and if I don't like it then, I'll try the beginning of the next one, just to be sure. Then I'll read a couple random of the mother's books and see if I want to get rid of all the books, or just his.