March 24th, 2011

20111112, Marilee

Spirit's 13 Today

Tuesday night I watched some TV, read the paper, and got to bed early, but never really slept. I got up at 10am and got ready for janetmk to come drive me. The LP was interesting, but ended up with being a bit painful because of the way I had to support my hips with my head and arm. I was supposed to be on my back all night except when I used the bathroom or ate. When I got home, I zapped a chicken pot pie and read email and made that brief post.

When I got offline, I scooped the litter boxes and there was a giant bug -- beetle, I think -- in Loki's and Junie's. It was longer and wider than my thumb and very black. When it saw me come, it tried to get out, but the walls of the box are very slick and the ends curve upward (makes scooping easier). I smacked it three times with the end of the scooper and then flushed it with the rest of the refuse. I turned the thermostat from 74 down to 70 at 6pm as I went down to bed and it finally made it there around 4am. I was tempted to run the air conditioning briefly, but we have much colder weather this next week and it should be back to getting cool in a reasonable time.

I managed to read the paper lying on my back, but my back and neck really hurt and I had narcotics early. When I got up at 9:45pm to come eat and watch a show and then news, I found a lot of little yellow-brown bits on the bed. After I looked at them, I felt my back, and all the "varnish" on my spine was off. It was still on the parts around. It was supposed to last much longer -- to Friday morning -- so I thought maybe because of the fat on the sides of my back, it got too hot, although it should handle that because they used it in Iraq.

Then when I got up, even more of the varnish was gone, and I can just mildly pick at a part with my fingernail and more will come off. I'd slept, more or less, 10 hours, but I still had lots of wakings for the hot flashes. I was then thinking it might be that, but that doesn't seem reasonable. It doesn't matter from a medical direction -- even with big needles, my skin closes up fast -- and I couldn't see any blood or feel an opening, but now I wish I knew why it happened. The doctor told me that when he tried to pull it off, it pulled skin, too, and it hurt. Clearly that wasn't happening with me. The results came today and the ones that have something to compare with are fine; I don't know enough about the other two to know what the numbers mean.

I took the trash and recycling out today and went about 10 miles to get a new Birdie, plus a Mousie for Spirit, and a Ringo for Loki. I don't think the big kitties will take them separately, but at least we have two and they should take longer to lose. I'd planned to get them online and went looking Tuesday night, but the only place that had them was Amazon and they didn't ship them, the distributers did, and they wanted me to pay more for shipping and handling for each toy than what each toy cost. They also didn't weigh the toys together for shipping & handling, they gave each the total amount. I wasn't going to do that and I went back to Purina's list and almost all of them were Giants, which are now selling their own brand, plus one K mart, and two Safeways. I went to the closest Safeway, where they had all the toys, and then stopped for lunch on the way back.

Lin's China Bistro is very good -- I've driven five miles or so for lunch sometimes -- and it really does look like a bistro. The only things that make you think it serves Chinese food are the menu, the smell, and the taste. I brought a good batch of mine home.

Now I'm doing laundry and could really use a nap.