March 23rd, 2011

20111112, Marilee

On My Backl

I had the LP today, and janetmk very kindly drove out from DC to Manassas to get me, most of the way back in to the Imaging Center, hung around in the waiting room for three hours, and then drove me home before she went home. I really appreciate it. I wasn't allowed to drive home, and now have to spend until tomorrow on my back, except for using the bathroom and eating (which is why I have a chicken pot pie here). The neuroradiologist gave me a cool treatment because I'm allergic to tape and adhesives -- he sprayed a liquid on my back that hardened like a yellow varnish and will come off in the shower on Friday. They made this for Iraq, to keep bacteria, sand, etc. out of wounds and it sure came in handy for me!

I'll catch up tomorrow.

(The news just said that two planes had to land at National Airport without a controller because he was asleep. They got ahold of a farther away group who talked them in as well as they could. No damage.)