March 13th, 2011

20111112, Marilee

Now Dizzy and Pain

I watched CSI:NY, the fifth hour on the tape, read the paper, changed the time on things that don't do it themselves, and went to bed to read at 5am. I read until 8am and considered just putting on clothes and doing today's errands, but decided to sleep until 3pm instead. When the alarm went off, I turned it off and slept until 4pm.

I took a form I had to fill out for Kaiser to the post office and got gas. Usually I fill as soon as the tank gets to half, but I knew I'd get 120 points for the Peapod delivery and waited a few days. Today I had 320 points total and got $.30 off each gallon (was $3.559, paid 3.259). Saving $4.15 isn't a lot, and I wouldn't buy stuff just to save, but it's nice to have the lower cost. I stopped and got yesterday's mail on the way in -- I had a notice to make an appointment for the ophthalmologist and a $2 coupon from Peapod that lasts through June, and everything else went to the mixed paper recycling basket.

I started hurting when I started working on getting linen off the bed to wash it (still on pillows) and the last two times I stood up, I had vertigo (and nausea, but that frequently goes with it). It's probably because of the joint pain.

Mayor and police chief in Columbus, NM, have been selling high-powered weapons to drug gangsters.

Interesting sports column where a new black columnist talks about how "Uncle Tom" is used in sports and real life. He got called that a lot because he went to college -- his mother worked her fingers off to get all three sons to college -- and it seems to him as if a lot of blacks respect someone coming out of a prison more than they respect someone with a degree.

A great political cartoon from Signe Wilkinson.