March 6th, 2011

20111112, Marilee

Birdy and Miss Girl

I finished online except for the games just in time to watch Must Love Cats which is sometimes sappy, but mostly cool. I came back over for games and then read the paper. I got back to bed to read at 12:30am and turned the light off to sleep at 4am. I had an awful night. I was sweating so much from the hot flashes that the pillows were soaked, even when I turned them and flipped them over. Good thing I do bed laundry on Sundays!

I got up at 1:30pm, having moved poor Junie around so I could deal with the pillows, and she immediately brought me Birdy to throw. I did it a few times and then she played it down the hall. It's in front of the desk now and she's down on the bed. Spirit apparently really likes the new bed. She didn't come out to sit on my lap last night until I was reading the last section of the paper, and she hasn't come over here to sit on the old computer. I was having trouble getting the little pyrex bowl that holds her food in the bed and I looked carefully, since this bed is slightly bigger than the old one and she only took up about a third of that one. The warmer on the bottom is working -- she wasn't as tightly curled as in the old bed. I watched her carefully during the evening and found a place I could put the bowl and not bother her curling. Last night, on the bed, I said "baffing good. Loki baffing. Loki good." and he looked at me like he understood.

Bradley Manning, the soldier who gave info to WikiLeaks, was sarcastic about his stay in the brig, and he now has to sleep naked. They say it's not punitive, but I'm pretty sure it is.

A county commissioner in Maryland voted against keeping Head Start. It's because he thinks god wants all women to stay home with children, and he will give you a Mormon brochure when he first meets you. Not only do a lot of people disagree with him, but many single women with children will need more help because their toddlers can't go to preschool.

The WashPost's tech reporter has found signs that Microsoft is abandoning IE 6 and want people to move to IE 9, which is not completely tested yet. You can't use it on XP so it's best to use another browser. I think most of us are.