March 5th, 2011

20111112, Marilee

Spirit's Bed

I was online so late last night that I taped The Defenders and when I signed off, read the newspaper. I planned to watch the tape today, but decided to do it last night. I went to bed to read at 2:30am and read until 6am to finish the book. I got up to use the bathroom on my way to get the paper off the stoop and the toilet arm broke in the handle. I'm not strong enough to take the collar off, even if I have a new one, so I'll wait until Monday (I have another bathroom, it's just more difficult to use than mine) and have a plumber come do it. I hurt enough after that that I took more narcotics and didn't get up until just before 3pm.

I've read the front pages of the sections of today's paper and set out the sections for tomorrow that come on Saturdays, and made the grocery list for Monday. It's not much, since I have Peapod coming Thursday, but I have to go anyway to pick up a refill of Junie's meds.

Spirit apparently really likes the bed. She hasn't come over to sit on the computer at all, and spent a lot of time in the bed while I was reading last night. I hope I'm right.

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20111112, Marilee

Composed by Rosanne Cash

I've always enjoyed Rosanne's music and have a lot of her CDs so I thought this memoir would be interesting. There were some elements that I already knew that were expanded and what seemed like a fairly accurate account of her life. The problem was that she did almost none of it in order. Some chapters had themes, some had ideas, some had performances, etc., and that almost made it useless to read. In addition, about three-quarters in, she gets mystical and new-agey. For example, her father is very sick and about to lose a toe to diabetes (he got to keep it) and she writes "Black Cadillac" and says it's "prescient" because she wrote it about his death before he dies. Well, there was no doubt he was going to die very soon, so that's hardly forecasting. She gets all new-agey about 9/11, too (she and her daughter were there) and about how her life will go. The end of the book says more to come, so either she's going to wait some years to write about those or go back and write more of the older ones.

There were parts in this that I liked, but I felt the disorganization kept the book from truly being a memoir. I'm sure I'll still like her music, though.