March 3rd, 2011

20111112, Marilee

New Nephrologist

Last night I watched TV and read the paper, then got into bed to read at 1:30am and to sleep at 4:30am. The night wasn't as bad as it's been and I got up at 1pm. I headed off to see the new nephrologist and he didn't know that the nurses had told me I had to pick a new doctor, he thought he was just seeing me that once. In any case, I gave most of the relative history and we went through labs. During the history, he kept shaking his head and saying "We don't do it like that anymore!" Too bad I didn't wait until now to have all the kidney problems because apparently it would have taken a lot less time, pain, and scars.

I pass a couple blocks from Outback Steakhouse on the way home, and if I'm passing at or after 4pm, I stop to eat. I looked at the menu but had what I usually do: Grilled Shrimp (appetizer, no remoulade sauce), Side Caesar Salad, and the bread, but without butter. Now that so many restaurants have giant appetizers -- meant for groups -- it's perfectly reasonable for a single person to have one as a meal. I do have to find one that isn't too fried, though.

My card was in the mail -- I'll get another letter with the PIN soon, but I only need that for the ATM and I have enough cash to wait that long.

My birthday's next week and I got email links to coupons for two restaurants where I joined their clubs. Much of the data is the same -- has to be used in two weeks, used only once, only one person -- but the actual free things were quite different. Ruby Tuesday is giving me a free hand-made hamburger, but Chili's is giving me a free brownie sundae (tiny letters: if I buy at least one entree). I guess I can tell which is more generous.

I love this health/Republicans cartoon.