February 27th, 2011

20111112, Marilee

Better Timing

I watched the two shows that got taped Friday night, read the paper, and got to bed to read at 1am. I stopped at 3:30am and set the alarm for noon. Starting at about 5am, I had the hot/cold just about every hour, so near 10am, I reset the alarm to 1pm. By noon, I just turned the alarm off. I got up at 2:30pm, which is better timing than yesterday. Plus, I could have gotten up at noon, I just would have had to nap when I got home.

As usual, I'm washing bed linen and putting new ones on for this week. All three of the pillows were put in and ready to go but then I didn't hear any sloshing. I went to look and for each of them, I hadn't pushed the buttons. Good grief. I had to move Junie off the duvet so I could get the duvet cover to be washed and she was very unhappy. When I went back to take the fitted sheet off, I was happy she wasn't there. I took two corners off, but the third corner seemed like part of the sheet might be stuck. I pulled it a bit more and realized it was Junie all curled up inside the duvet cover. I sat down next to her and hunted through the cover until I found her and then she wailed. I made her get out and she came out here and has stayed.

I knew I wanted a heated bed for Spirit for her birthday in late March. It's a big present, but she's clearly cold in the bed she has now -- she's barely six pounds and when she curls up, she takes up maybe one third of the bed -- so I got a PetSafe Heated Wellness Sleeper in Mini. Out of 109 reviews, 71 were five star and a lot of the lesser stars are things like size of bed. It has a washable cover, which is something else I required. It should show up a couple weeks before her birthday (yes, I know, she doesn't know when her birthday is and won't care when she gets it, and I may give it to her when it arrives) and I can check it then, just in case there's anything wrong.