February 11th, 2011

20111112, Marilee

The Cats

Some fun things recently:

Junie has started having a particular purr and being happy when she's on the crenellations and I can get there to pet her without her knowing.

When I was dealing with the new machine, I had a chair by the TV/DVR/VCRs and moved between that and the recliner. Poor Loki had to get up from the recliner every few minutes and then Junie had to get up from the chair every few minutes. Spirit kept whining and when I left online, she went to sleep in Junie's box here in the former-dining room. She stayed here for three hours and I talked to her everytime I heard her move (crunchy brown paper) and finally she came to sit in my lap for an hour.

Junie was seven yesterday and I gave her the little bluebird with catnip that I bought and she played a bit yesterday morning, but then a lot last night. I don't see it now, so I'll probably have to move the couch.

I've put a small pyrex bowl in Spirit's too-big bed and it has her dry food in it. As near as I can tell, the big kitties aren't/can't eat from it.

Loki has gotten to where he stays on the heating pad in the kitchen until I pet him when I come in to rinse out the glass I used for light cranberry juice. Sometimes he'll stay there if I go out and only come down when I pet him when I come home.
20111112, Marilee

Appointments, Mostly

I watched TV and tapes last night, then after I got laundry put away, I started reading at 1:30am. I stopped and went to sleep at 4am and was awake every hour or hour-and-a-half because that hip hurt and I had to turn over. I got up at 2:30pm and made the MRI appointment. The person for the Myelogram said the doctors would have to call me back -- I guess they don't do many lumbar punctures with fluoroscopy -- probably Monday or Tuesday. I left a message to the primary's clinical aide, but she called me back while I was driving and I don't answer the phone then. She didn't leave a message, so she'll probably call Monday, too.

I went out to get money for the week and it was so crowded and crazy on the roads even here that I stopped at Tony's and brought home about 2/3 of a large slice of tomato mushroom foccacia and left about 1/5 of greek salad. I tried sitting in a fixed booth -- knowing I couldn't before I had the cytoxan -- and I could get in and out by myself! Oh, when I was at Kaiser for the BP check on Tuesday, I'd lost three more pounds. Probably because I'm not always having as many calories as I should. Today is definitely okay, though.

It turns out that running the United States House of Representatives is harder than it looks. Okay, it was as bad with Democrats four years ago, but the article pointed out how it's not going the way a lot of tea partiers want and that they're using the wrong kind of rules for when they don't find out how people will vote.

I cut this out for today, but it's no longer required. Still, let your people go.