January 28th, 2011

20111112, Marilee

Some Good, Some Bad, More Tests

I read the paper and then watched TV last night, but I got so bored with Fairly Legal, a new USA sitcom, that I just set the VCR to get the 11pm news and went to read in bed. I was very sleepy and stopped reading at 2am. I did wake up a bit through the night, but actually got up right before the alarm, which was set to noon.

I took the trash and recycling out and went to get yesterday's mail from the clusterboxes. The idiot snowplow driver shoved a 4' high mound of snow in front of our side of the clusterboxes. I didn't have the management number with me and didn't want to come back to get it; they don't let you leave messages when they're closed (!) so I sent email when I got home, which came back the first time as spam. The second time worked.

I headed to see the neurologist. I was early, and frequently when I am, I get in earlier, too. That happened this time, but I left a lot later. It turns out there's nothing wrong with the MRA -- the things that were noted are congenital, so I've had them for almost 56 years -- but when you have vasculitis, you can continue to have small strokes and maybe dementia. So I'm getting another MRI to see if I've had a stroke since the last one in November and a spinal tap to check the fluid. She also put a request in for me to have a neuropsych test (four hours!) from outside, which is why it has to be approved, and in a place that's about an hour away.

I left just before closing at 5pm and traffic was much much worse than when I usually leave at that time on Fridays. I had already decided not to eat up there -- there'd been enough puddles on the roads that they'd be ice by the time I left for home -- but I did take the alternate way home which was much faster. I decided to go a bit out of the way home to get food from Popeye's and the guy in front of me took forever to put in his order. He ended up owing $51 and there were only three people in the SUV. I suppose they could have been taking it somewhere else. The Popeye's has a timer that shows how long it takes to get from taking an order to having the person leave, and his was 17 minutes. Since mine was done and ready while his was being worked on, I didn't have a time.

I've started laundry and will probably just read the paper before going to bed. I'm reallly tired.

Google is changing their search algorithm so it puts original sites before copycat sites.

Egypians are protesting their dictator-driven government and Hosni Mubarak has told his government to resign. He refuses to leave himself, which means he isn't actually doing anything. The government did turn off wireless -- internet & cell phones -- but dial-up is still there.