January 27th, 2011

20111112, Marilee

Lots of Snow, New Appointment

When I got offline yesterday and finished reading the paper, I got a phone call from my rheumatologist's nurse. She was very upset that she didn't find a neurology appointment for me (appointments show up in my online chart). I explained that I would fall on snow and we were supposed to get a lot more (she probably knew that) so I'd have to make an appointment when the snow melted. She said I needed to have the appointment as soon as possible, so I told her I'd ask friends to shovel today. Then immediately, the power went out. I figured that was a good time to call the friends and the husband said no problem -- if he had to work today, he'd send his son -- and then he called back again and was very insistent that if I had trouble with the power out, to call and he would come in his four-wheel-drive pickup truck and bring me back to their house so I could stay warm (there is some reason in that -- I'm supposed to stay up at 74F when I'm not in bed). I told him I would and he kept making me tell him that.

I went to bed for the almost exactly two hours the power was out and slept about 1.5 hours. It was a good thing that the light in there woke me up because I had 10 minutes to get settled in to watch Criminal Minds. I also watched Blue Bloods while I beaded and then watched the news before I headed down to read in bed at 11:40pm.

The news had really awful amounts of snow, and people trying to get out of DC who'd gone less than a half-mile in four hours. And today's WashPost has an article where some people were on their commute for 13 hours. The power is still out for a lot of people, too. I set the alarm for 8:45am to call the neuro and got the 4:15pm appointment tomorrow. Then I went back to sleep until the son called -- they'd be here soon.

It turned out to be the wife, son, and son's friend and they got the van dug out in about an hour. I really appreciate that. When they left, I put shoes and a coat on and drove to look in the mailbox. I saw an envelope with the return address of the private disability company, so I pulled out to the circle (which was clear and I wouldn't be in people's way there), but it turned out to be my tax stuff, not the check. I came back and it took me four in & outs to get into the shoveled place, but I'm still really happy and thankful that they shoveled it.

A batch of Utah lawmakers would like to have a state gun.

A WashPost columnist makes a comment on comments: For example, browse the comment section on any article about politics on The Post's Web site. Reading them, you might wonder whether there was a WiFi hot spot in the dayroom at St. Elizabeths Hospital. (St. E's is a mental hospital.)

The WashPost, NYT, and Gannett have put together an online news site where you can pay to see news without ads. Here's Ongo. You know, I don't see ads there because I use Adblock Plus on Mozilla for free.