January 25th, 2011

20111112, Marilee

Snow Again!

When I got offline last night, I read the paper, but kept falling asleep and went to bed at 8:15pm. I set the alarm for 9:45pm so I could get up and watch one 10pm show and tape another, but when the alarm went off, I clearly needed more sleep. I set both machines to watch TV and slept until 2:30am. I got up, watched the shows, had my rehydration fluid, another 13gr protein (which left me 12gr short), and went back to bed at 4:30am. I read until 9:15am and then slept until noon, when the alarm went off.

I had my "Well Woman" exam (ick) today and they'll let me know the results one way or the other in a few weeks. I came home and started online and have kept going to sleep, so I'm going to go do that in bed as soon as I finish posting this.

It was 50F today but it will be rain/sleet/snow tomorrow in about 4-8" for our area, so I cancelled the BP check and neurologist appointment. I'll have to remake those when the snow melts.

In other years, we've had two or three congressmen who live in their offices, but this year there's 21 of them.

There's always a speech by the opposite party after the State of the Union, but the GOP is upset this year -- Bachmann is going to get to have her full Tea Party speech on CNN. :::gasp::: Two kinds of Republicans!

A law firm says Taco Bell "meat" isn't really meat. You have to have at least 40% meat in restaurant "meat" and they say TB doesn't. Taco Bell says it's all meat. You never know.