January 24th, 2011

20111112, Marilee

The Cold

When I finished online last night, I decided I could at least watch Masterpiece Theatre so I read the paper and finished right before the show. I set the machine to watch Hawaii Five-0 but by the time the late news was finished with weather, I went to bed. I read four pages in 15 minutes, so I sacked out right at 11:45pm. I woke up at 4:15am because I hurt and took a narcotic then (it was too early when I went to sleep) and came out to see about the paper. I sat down and watched early morning news -- a water main broke on the Beltway and had turned to ice so commuters were going to take a very long time. At this point I remembered that there was a football game before Hawaii Five-O and when I checked, yes, I only had the first part. So much for that. I went back to bed at 5am and read until 7:30am and then slept until noon except for a phone call to set up the neurology appointment for Thursday.

I got money for the week, mailed a letter, and got groceries. I passed a shopping center that I pass maybe every other week and there was someone in a pig suit waving. It's in the teens today and I think having someone go out and stand like that is bad business. Not to mention the BBQ is bad.

I'm washing cat blankies and Loki is glaring at me because both the bed cat blankie and the cover for the cat heating pad are in the washer.

There was a suicide bomber in Moscow, at the airport in the waiting area for the international passengers. 35 people dead so far.

There's lots of drones that police would like to use, but so far, it's the FAA that keeps them from doing that. Not privacy, the FAA. There's pictures of the drones here.

The WashPost doesn't have this page (going to yesterday's section gives me 11/28), but in the county around my city, a supervisor is having a tele-town hall. At 7pm, all his constituents will receive a phone call and they can press zero if they want to participate. Somehow, I think a lot of people won't like that.