January 21st, 2011

20111112, Marilee

More Brain Problems

I managed to watch an hour and a half of TV that I'd taped (I have 2.5 more on the other machine), but it's good I mostly listen to TV because there's some problems with that machine, including that it wouldn't run the counter. I really like the programming, so I spent a lot of time today looking for it, finding pretty much everybody else had problems with it, and then looking for a new VCR/DVR combo with digital tuner. I didn't manage to finish the paper last night and got to bed at 3am and stopped at 5am. The moon was beautiful in the sky again then -- although higher and a bit more south than the night before -- and I brought the paper in and went to sleep. I had a phone call at 10am and wasn't asleep again by 10:30am and read until noon. I got up and was online until 3:30pm when I couldn't stay awake anymore. Spirit and I slept in the recliner until 5:45pm and now I'm back online.

And the rheumatologist just called me. The MRA I did on Sunday shows signs of vasculitis -- the kind of stroke I had two years ago -- and this would explain the weird things that are happening to me. She's going to put in an urgent referral to my neurologist (whose office is at the other end of her floor) and hope I see her next week. She thinks I might need a lumbar puncture to make sure it isn't something else exciting, and in the end, more steroids. I'd happily take more steroids if I didn't have so much trouble with words and memory and odd ideas.

A state delegate here in Virginia is acting like an idiot. Another delegate, Miller (a lousy conservative that moved here and made my city more conservative), wants to have net fishing stopped in a particular area of a river. It's already stopped in another part and the people who live in the new area want the fishing stopped there, too. Well, the delegate who represents those people who want the fishing stopped, Pollard, says they'll lose their jobs so he has a bill up that elevates the commuter rail charge $1 a day per person to retaliate against Miller. That's because commuter rail has two stops in Miller's district. They're acting like school kids.