January 14th, 2011

20111112, Marilee

Way Too Much Pain

Last night I watched a DVD and then read the paper. I got to bed to read by 2am and stopped at 5am with the alarm set to 1pm. I was awake a lot, including coming out to have some hot tea, which made me nauseated near the end of the mug (again, today). I hurt a lot when I moved but it didn't show how much until I got up at 2:30pm.

That pain in my right lower back that I've been complaining about? I can barely move today. Or breathe. Or lift my right arm. Or do anything where I'm not supported. I may have to skip bookgroup, and after I read that stupid book. I did pull the muscle relaxant the primary gave me -- Robaxin -- because I haven't changed meds or anything and even though it didn't work for my left shoulder, maybe it will work for this.

I feel like I killed myself doing laundry and now I'm trying to convince myself that I really do need to scoop the litter boxes. I may try pulling a chair in, although standing up/sitting down hurts. I ordered pizza so I didn't have to think about food, and shuffled sideways (like Igor) to the door.

I hope the heating pad will help later.
20111112, Marilee


This is a cute predictable movie -- a young (black) bicycle cop finds a pot conspiracy and is admitted to the private (all white) school to find out about it. They won't talk to him until he saves a basketball game and then he not only finds the drug problem, but that the guys are being blackmailed into car stealing. One of the white kids will help him find the bad guy -- one of their teachers -- and every honest person was happy at the end.

I liked it, but don't expect to have to think.