January 6th, 2011

20111112, Marilee

Cardboard Out

Last night I watched TV and TV tapes and then read the paper. At 12:30am I went to bed to read and went right to sleep at 4am. I got up at noon, waking twice before -- to use the bathroom, and for Junie to be a frog. I actually thought of her as a frog. Spirit jumped off the end of the recliner as I was just shutting it down and she landed right where she and Loki could touch noses, which they did for almost a minute.

I got money for next week, took the cardboard to the transfer station, and had lunch at Panera's. I ran into the mailguy on the way in and he had three meds for me. One of them was a brand name med that I've taken alternate days for the last two weeks. I wasn't going to put it in for refill before the first and pay $243 when I could put in the refill on the first and pay $64.

Three Maryland government offices had packages ignite -- no major damage -- and at Dulles, four baggage carousels are closed off because a bombsniffing dog sat down and pointed.

A very funny comic from yesterday and the zoo got two teeny baby loggerhead turtles last month. When they grow up, they'll be 200 pounds!
20111112, Marilee

Something Rotten by Jasper Fforde

Thursday Next and her son, Friday, come back to the real world only to find that Goliath and Kaine have almost taken over the country. Goliath is changing to a religion so they can do more bad things. She finds Otto Bismarck and Emma Hamilton in her mother's guest rooms. Her father tells her that their town's croquet team has to win the world competition or the world will die. He also tells her that someone will try to kill her three times, but won't, and will die themselves. Her brother Joffy brings in a 13th century Saint whose every revealment has been right.

Thursday heads for Goliathopolis to get their new Apology Treatment. While she waits her turn, she sees a guy walk by who is mumbling about his problem being good and Goliath is wonderful. She's taken up to the chief executive and she gets a little blurry and makes a deal where Landen will be uneradicated and she will forgive Goliath. By the time she's home, she knows she was somehow tricked.

Landen starts coming in off and on and finally permanently and she and Friday move back in. Complicated plots involving neanderthals, revealments, pianos, and Hamlet really make this great! I can't wait for the next one to come out.