December 29th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Van Not Ready Yet

Last night I read the paper and watched the edited tape of the Kennedy Center Honors. They kept putting the camera on Oprah, who sang with every song, no matter whose it was. But at the end -- this was in the review when it actually happened -- "Hey Jude" was sung by everybody and the audience stood up and waved their cellphones! It was much more strange on TV than it was in the paper. I went to bed to read at 12:30am and went to sleep at 4am. I was in and out until 5am but then slept through to noon. I turned the alarm off and slept to 12:45pm.

I called about the van and he said he'd call back in an hour. He called back in 90 minutes and said the tire supplier they use didn't have the tire to replace what was on the van and it would take four days to get it. I agreed to getting one that was equivalent and it will be delivered to them tomorrow, and I may get the van tomorrow.

Then I called the nephrologist's office to cancel tomorrow's appointment and got a new one just barely more than a month (I expected two months). I called my friend Jay and told him I needed to get the mail from the clusterboxes and probably deposit a check at the credit union. He said he'd be here about 3pm. My list for the week is full of things scribbled out and changed to later days.