December 26th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Small Bits of Snow

Last night I watched Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price. I already knew what it said, but watching the people saying it was interesting. I'm not going to review this; I think most people know about Wal-Mart's purposeful evil to their employees. I read the paper and got to bed at 12:30am and stopping reading at 4:30am. I came out to get the paper and there wasn't any snow yet. I spent most of last night awake, waiting for the time I could take more narcotics. I feel better today, but still have a good bit of pain.

The snow was supposed to start at midnight, but started at 3:30pm. It's still very light -- just a dusting except on the parking lot -- and the wind blows it out of the trees. I called friends from bookgroup to come dig me out tomorrow, if needed, and it turns out that the husband is off all next week and he insists on being my chauffeur in the time between taking the rental car back (by 6pm tomorrow) and getting the van back (10 days to repair on estimate, but even if they consider Saturday a workday, this Friday and Saturday and next are probably holidays -- I'll call tomorrow and see if I can get an idea of how much longer). I really appreciate that.

For those of you who haven't already read Jo Walton's Christmas story, you'll probably like it.

A whole page ad in yesterday's WashPost turned out to be an ad by Hobby Lobby for their religious ministries. If you look here at the blue box on the right, then click on the line "View Current Holiday Messages", you can see the ad (.pdf). I don't think we have one here, but I wouldn't be going.

Pregnant vets may have more mental illnesses, compared to other female vets. The study didn't move out to compare to non-vet women.