December 21st, 2010

20111112, Marilee

BP Check

I read the paper and then watched the tape of the finale of "Sing Off." The winners -- a male group from a church -- would have been my second choice. I got to bed at 2am to read and stopped at 4:30am. I went to see about the paper and it was on the stoop. I bet it was going somewhere else and when I told the agent that my stoop is at the top of a concrete ramp, they figured out the right place.

I headed off for my BP check. It's down from last time -- now in the 140s instead of the 160s last week -- but I'm to continue the increased med and come back in two weeks. I headed for the restaurant I was going to when I had the crash last week -- Hard Times Cafe -- because they now have up to 5-way chili mac for $5.99 on Tuesdays. I expected to find that I would have trouble getting there because it was far from a curb cut before, but it's moved up the line of stores and a set of handicapped spaces, crosswalk, and curb cut is right in front of their door. Regular chili mac is spaghetti with choice of four types of chilis on top. Three-way adds cheese, 4-way adds denatured onions, and 5-way adds beans. I like five-way but it's too much protein so I go with four-way and Texas chili. They also have salads and sandwiches that aren't spicy, so I might suggest it for January's bookgroup dinner. About 2/3 of the people who came in went back to the pool area where you can play for free between 11am and 5pm.

Getting out of the Focus to get mail is very hard. If there wasn't snow I'd probably back in to an empty space in the lot next to the clusterboxes and hold on to the spoiler as I stepped up and down. We still have lots of snow and ice, though.

Last Saturday, I got Spirit's 2.5mg prozac out and put it on my BP box and then got the antibiotic (we're moving to a third one since she's still sneezing) out and the prozac wasn't on the box. I couldn't find it, so I just got another one out of the box. As I finished my glass of cranberry juice, I saw a white thing starting to disintegrate and realized I accidently dosed myself!

On Sunday night, I wanted a pattern to use up some of the Lion Homespun yarn I have. I found something on the Lion Brand website and when I went to print it, I got a page telling me I have to join them to get it. The only reason for them to want me to join is so they can send me crap, so I went out to Google and looked for something similar, and what do you know? I found the exact same patterns on About via JoAnn's. I spent most of Sunday night finding gauge and then started working on it last night.