December 19th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Heat Pump Again

Last night I watched another DVD and then headed to bed at midnight. I read until 4am and checked for Sunday's paper before I went to sleep. It usually comes about 6am on Sunday, so I set the alarm for 6am and there was no paper, I set the alarm for 7am and no paper, and then I was still awake at 7:45am and just got up and called in a redelivery. I had an email from the agent last night saying "IT HAS BEEN DELIVERED WHEN YOU DON'T GET IT CALL 703-368-4015 FOR REDELIVERY THIS IS 1ST EMAIL TO COM THROUGH" So he says he didn't get the two earlier emails, but did that last one; for redelivery, I have to be up before 10am and I suppose I can do that. There was a redelivery including the TV Week (which has a difference from TitanTV on "Storage Wars" -- says it's new Wednesday) and I've gone through all my normal first reading of that.

I've read the first hundred pages of The Curse of Chalion by Lois McMaster Bujold and that's enough for me. I really like her SF, but I don't care about royalty and magic. I'll start a new book tonight.

I started getting cold and realized I hadn't heard the heat pump come on, so I went to look at the breaker box and the breakers had snapped center again. I turned them off and back on and the heat ran for about three minutes. Then I called Woody's again and the guy from Tuesday replied (maybe he's the off-hours guy). He says he doesn't know anything else to do when the breakers flip and he's already tightened the wires and is calling Woody to find out. He'll let me know.

I expect to nap after he leaves.
20111112, Marilee

Red Eye

This was supposed to be a thriller, but things went so stupidly. A young woman who manages a luxurious hotel is going home on a red eye plane. A guy turns up at her elbow all the way in, and then in the aisle seat. She asks what he does and he said assasinate people and take down governments. She didn't believe at first, but then he tells her the plan.

His group is supposed to kill a TSA head and they need him to be in a different room in her hotel to do it, and they're going to kill her dad if she doesn't have them moved. There's lots of her trying to tell him not to do it and he becomes violent with her. This is where she should stand up and say "This man wants to kill the TSA guy" because police/FBI/SS are the ones to handle it.

Eventually, he gets her to call the desk person and have her move the TSA & family to the new room. The SS check it out and have a fishing boat checked by the Coast Guard. The CG don't have the lines pulled up and we know there's something like a bazooka down in a chest.

When they arrive at the airport, she pulls a knife out of her panties (wearing stilettos, can't have knives there) and jabs it in his neck. She runs in those stilettos through the airport with both the guy and security following her. She makes it on the rail to the other side and he doesn't make it. She takes a car with the key in and races toward her father's house. On the way, she calls the desk person again and tells her to pull the fire alarm and get the TSA guy & family out right now. The desk person does, and as the last two SS come from the room, the entire suite and entrance is blown up (and falling down).

She gets to her Dad's house and sees another guy going in to kill him, so she runs into him and gets him taken care of, but the guy (who has pulled the knife out of his throat) runs after her all over the house. All over the house. For a long time. In the end, Dad shoots the guy and the TSA guy thanks the women.

So many things should have been done differently. Maybe a thriller doesn't have to make sense.