December 16th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Short Snow

Last night I watched TV and two hours of the tapes. I'll get the other two tonight. "Sing-Off" only took one group off last night, so four groups go to the final on Monday. I went to bed to read at 1:30am but didn't get far -- I kept going to sleep -- so I put the book away at 3am and slept. I woke up right before the noon alarm went off, turned it off, and slept until 2pm.

This is the first snow for the season and it's just a couple inches high. The sidewalks have been shoveled and the street plowed. It's ice in the mornings, but I'm still asleep then. I hope the 37-40 temperature tomorrow will melt a lot of it so I can get to the rental car and to bookgroup on Saturday.

Spirit is still wandering around looking at places, and earlier today, she got in one of Junie's boxes. Junie came down the hallway (probably heard the crunchy brown paper) and stared at Spirit. I watched carefully and eventually shooed Junie away. Later Spirit left the box and Junie got in it immediately. Loki thinks he should have had food long ago, but the food machine will distribute in a few minutes.

No paper today, either, so I made the complaint online and added to the comment box all the other problems and that I'd emailed my agent twice. I just spent about 90 minutes reading it online.

Loudoun's courthouse has had a nativity in front of it for decades; recently, other religious symbols have shown up. But last year, a volunteer commission decided there would be 10 displays. Groups & individuals get permission in order of application to put up their display. Now, all the Christian people are really unhappy that there are more atheist displays than Christian displays.