December 11th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

More Accomplishments

I got one of the DVDs watched last night and near the end of it, got to a good stopping place on the crochet. Spirit knows that when I start packing up, I may be leaving, but I did just put the crochet in the workroom and make up the rehydration fluid to drink while I read the paper. I used the swivel sweeper in my bedroom, closet, and bathroom last night and that's one of the hardest places -- there's tons of fur there. I plan to get the hallway, guest bathroom, utility room, and former-dining room tonight.

Spirit has been wandering around a lot -- when I was sweeping back there, she came about a third of the way down the hall and yelled at me. I went looking for her because I was afraid Junie had made her hide behind the water heater and would keep her in there, but she was in her bed. Later while I was reading, she circled the kitchen and hallway, and then at a point that I thought she went to her bed, she was over here on top of the old computer. Getting another batch of the clavamox was good because she had small snot ribbons yesterday.

Junie and Loki have been here when I've used the swivel sweeper before and they're not exactly scared of it, but they don't want to be too close.

I went to bed to read at 1am and finished just before 5am, also finishing the book. I was awake a lot last night and ended up sleeping an hour after the alarm rang at 1pm. I did the grocery list for Monday -- it's very short, which I expected -- and set up the paper to read later.

Reen -- mplsvala -- died this fall, but this is her birthday and I remember her and who she was.
20111112, Marilee

"Bedknobs and Broomsticks" - 25th anniversary version

I'd never seen this and someone recommended it. I thought it was a bit long, but otherwise was well-done.

It's WWII and London kids are getting farmed out to rural areas so they won't get hurt. At this rural area, there's an apprentice witch, Eglantine (Angela Lansbury), and she gets stuck with three siblings. They have trouble at first, but then get together to go to London and get the last spell for her to be a real witch. She gives the youngest child a spell having to do with a bedknob that will fly the bed all over. It turns out the guy who was running the correspondance witch school was just an illusionist and was startled to find out Eglantine was a real witch. They need to find a phrase to make her finish her school -- they have an extended dancing series on Portabello Road and then a trip to an animated land of talking animals before they get back and find the phrase.

Just as she's trying to use it, they find out that German soldiers are in the rural area and are captured by them. They can't get out of the museum, but, hey, there's lots of armor and uniforms. Eglantine manages to make them move (one of the best works in the movie, I think), and they manage to kill or banish the German soldiers.
20111112, Marilee

Echo by Jack McDevitt

I said his last book, Time Travelers Never Die, wasn't my favorite, so I was very happy when this book in the Alex Benedict series arrived. I became less happy as I read it. The book, like the others, is "written" as a memoir by Alex's assistant Chase Kolpath. In this book, Chase is an idiot. That's never happened before. I checked the book cover and McDevitt is still married, so I don't know why he did that.

Alex runs an antiquities business where he connects buyers to sellers and takes a good bit of the money. He sees an odd tablet with symbols on it and decides he wants it. Chase arranges to pick it up, but it's gone when she gets there. It turns out that some relatives of Rachel Bannister, a pilot for a galactic tour company 28 years before, picked it up. She continues to insist that it doesn't exist, she's had it dropped in the river, it's been demolished, etc., but Alex & Chase can't find it and don't believe her. Eventually Alex and Chase have found a lot more information on the tablet, but not where it came from or what the symbols are. Rachel gets up on a bridge and jumps.

Chase thinks it's her fault because she went up to talk to Rachel, and then got her wrist briefly before she fell. Alex still wants to work on the tablet info and Chase can't handle it. She gets a much less paying pilot job to and from Earth with two layovers. She doesn't really like it, but she's not involved anymore, until she hears information about the people involved with the tablet and asks questions. She returns to Alex's company and they run a competition for people who were out on the appropriate tours and took pictures -- the best will get rewards and go into a book -- and they find the most likely pictures and take them to a friend. She finds out where the world was that caused all the problems.

The first world has a ruined outpost as well as white-furred ape-like critters that they have to get away from. Their lander is damaged in the process. Their spaceship, Belle-Marie, brings the lander back up. When they reach the second world, they find a lot of towns that look like they were just abandoned but eventually find some people. The people shoot at the lander, further damaging it. The lander gets a good distance away, but it falls and starts burning. A local helps get Alex and Chase out.

The locals immediately help them and they start learning their language. They find out that there are only a few still-existing towns like this -- the others were all destroyed during the Dark Times. Rot-13: Nyrk naq Punfr ernyvmr gung gur Qnex Gvzrf jnf pnhfrq ol Enpury naq gur gbhe pbzcnal fur jbexf sbe -- fur gbffrq n pbzrg ng gur cynarg, abg xabjvat vg jnf vaunovgrq, naq xvyyrq zbfg bs gur crbcyr. Guvf vf jul Enpury qbrfa'g jnag nalobql gb xabj nobhg gur gnoyrg be gur jbeyq.

The story is really good, just like the others, but Chase has never been stupid like this before. Her actions/inactions kill two innocent young women. She kills two professional assassins, but Alex wanted to talk to one (she forgot to change the weapon back to "unconsious"). Her romantic life is weird. I don't know what's up.