December 10th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Back Words

I watched TV last night, read the paper, and went to bed to read at 2am. I stopped at 5am and set the alarm at 1pm. When it went off, I got up. I had to mail the check for the vet and I had a coupon for Captain D's (fast food fish place). I was sitting at a table behind two women and one of them spent most of the time talking:

We're all liberals when we're young, then we grow up. Liberals have no humor, they can't even laugh at Nobama! And it's not racism, racism is gone. Although, back with segregated schools, they had strict supervisors and dressed nicely and sat up straight. [moved to a taxi driver she uses a lot] He's so nice, once he forgot to turn the machine on and he didn't charge me! [almost certainly law] He's from Somalia and they're so much better than the Americans, they don't even have tattoos.

I was done eating and was torn between staying and getting madder, or going home, and went home. Truly blind woman.

Bernie Sanders has been talking in the Senate against tax cuts since 10:30am ET.