December 6th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

"I Don't Eat Meat"

I read the paper last night and got to bed to read at 1am. I was so full from the popcorn that I planned to come out and have a tunafish sandwich (required for protein) and then get to sleep at 4am. The alarm went off at noon and I got up. Then I remembered that I wanted to change my nephrology appointment this week. I had originally set it for 11:15am, thinking that was going to be very hard for me, but the email and notice online showed 10am. There was just no way to keep going on with my old nephrologist, so I took an appointment with a new one -- and he was also pretty full.

I bought a new heating pad for the chair and it's working well. Last night I went down to the bedroom to change to my robe and Loki was on the cat blankie, but there was a C-shaped lump under the covers. I greeted them both and Junie Mrr'ed and came out from under. Later, I deconstructed two big boxes (carried one out to the van today) and as I had the first one at an angle, I felt Junie climbing up from the inside. When I opened the other end and she saw me, she dashed away.

I went to the grocery today and it was one of those trips where I had coupons for things that were on sale and I saved a lot. But on the way out, the bagger came out and tried to hand me a big package of meat, telling me I'd left it. I couldn't think fast enough and I just said "I don't eat meat." She said "You don't want it?" I said "It's probably from the woman before me" -- which is true, she had at least a yard-long receipt. The bagger went back in. Technically, of course, I eat meat, but it's limited and most often from frozen microwaveable meals. I haven't bought that kind of meat in decades.

Yesterday's WashPost had an article on Leisure World trademarks, but here's the interesting part -- the current map online is here. The map in the paper shows some unusual climate changes.

A fascinating idea to join sports and electricity in rural areas. (Click on Ball. I hate this kind of site.)