December 2nd, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Editing Jewelry

Last night I read the paper and then realized that I hadn't had the rehydration fluid. I decided to watch the tape of Psych, which was really great yesterday. The episode was called "Dual Spires" and had some of the same actors. The theme music was similar as well as a spoof at the end.

Since I can't bead or crochet for a while, I'm going through my jewelry because I have too much and things that I haven't worn in years. I checked the big jewelry box that was my mother's from the Phillipines. It has a lot of memory things that I'll keep, some mine, some Mother's. However there's a large drawer now empty because it was full of the extra buttons that come with clothes. I made sure it was all buttons and turned the drawer over the trash can. The jewelry went into four categories: staying and more organized; taken to bookgroup to see if anybody wants them and if not, to a silver-renderer; taken to thrift shop; and things I'll take apart and make into other things. This is the plan for all the other four jewelry boxes and the chest from the furniture company when I graduated from high school, although that one has more memories. I hear some furniture stores still do that. However, I never finished the rehydration fluid and I didn't want to stay up more, so I put the rest in the fridge.

I got to bed to read at 2:30am but again didn't get very far because of falling asleep. I gave up at 5am and set the alarm for 1pm. About 10am Loki woke me up drastically. I didn't see Junie chasing him, but I did hear a non-lawn machine outdoors. He's the scardey-cat here, and I figured he'd get used to it. It was still there at 1pm when I got up. When I opened the shades, it was a big towed platform (four tires in the middle) with a generator, a mixer, a funnel, a large fluid canister. I didn't see anything happening and they sprayed the sidewalk in front of the condo soon after and left. But poor Loki! When he saw what they were, he dashed off. He tried to come back two times and never stayed more than a few seconds. He happily came out when they were gone, but he had missed all the treats out here.

Nothing exciting at home today; already did a load of laundry and scheduled the MRA for the rheumatologist -- Sunday the 19th.

Charlie has a fabulous photograph of Edinburgh in snow. Unfortunately, it means he and Cory won't be able to meet face-to-face to finish working on the new book.

If you're in to Bob Mackie, an online fabric company (where I got the fabric for the pants I'm wearing) has a sale on some of his scarves.

Yesterday's Food section had an article about "Cooking for Geeks." It was harder than things I could do, but there was an interesting recipe you might want: perfect hard-cooked eggs. Another recipe from that section that sounded interesting was Fire-Pit Latkes.

We have a new doctor in the DC area, one that performs late-in-pregnancy abortions when necessary. As you might imagine, the anti-abortion people expect to be there all the time.